Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is critical to the effective functioning of VET. Job and career distance counselling has been existing for the last decades as a supplement to face-to-face counselling. Counselling via telephone, e-mail and chat were the media associated with distance counselling.

Since the onset of the COVID19-pandemic the clients‘ demand in blended and distance counselling increased as institutions were forced to close their doors and migrate services online – yet as the DISCO partners found, many of Europe’s IAG and career counsellors found themselves completely ill-equipped to cope and found that trying to do what they used to do in-person or occasionally through other media could not simply be
done in the same way online. IAG relevance and quality are critical to ensure that everybody is equipped to manage career transitions – with strong consequences on VET systems’ commitment to equity and social inclusion. The digitalisation of employment along with rapid changes within EU labour markets signifies the widespread need for lifelong career management (CEDEFOP).

DISCO project results

Methods Concept

Specification report providing the underlying foundations for designing, planning, implementing and reviewing blended guidance and counselling for the target group.

Modular blended learning programme

The programme will adopt a blended approach (self-learning, action learning and online activities) underpinned by benchmarked and researched learning materials, pedagogical approaches based on targeted and identified methods for blended guidance and counselling, through a common learning framework of resources, exercises, learning materials and skills assessment tools.

Learning Matrix

Framework of competences, aligned to EQF to complement and augment professionally-obtained professional qualifications and current training
on offer for IAG practitioners, job and career counsellors.

Methods e-Guide: Methods for trainers of guidance practitioners

Facilitators pedagogical guide as a ‘guiding the guiders’ resource еnsuring that the relevance of the lessons and practices of the project are highlighted and targeted for service providers
and provision managers concerned with vocational and careers guidance.